Unlock Radio Magic with Boondock Echo: Your Affordable Tech Companion!

Welcome to Our CrowdSupply Campaign!

Hey there! We're excited to launch our CrowdSupply campaign and can't wait to share all about our Boondock Echo's pricing. It's simple, transparent, and tailored for you.

Boondock Echo device held between a person's hands.

The boondock Echo Device held between a person's hands.  Credit: Crowd Supply

Boondock Echo: Is It Worth Your Pennies?

Consider the Boondock Echo – a $159 gadget that boosts your radio experience at a minimal daily cost.  With a $5/mo subscription, and spreading the cost of the device over three years, we're practically giving it away with a $0.25 per day daily cost at the lowest subscription level, and it's still affordable at $1 per day daily cost at the highest subscription level.  Is $0.25 per day worth it to you?  Or $1 per day? Only you can decide, but we think it's a great deal based on the value it provides.

DIY Your Boondock Echo: A Fun Project with Great Savings

Feeling crafty? You can build your own Boondock Echo! We provide all you need on GitHub. It's a fun project, but remember, your time is valuable. Weigh the costs and benefits and see if DIY is your path to savings.

Why Our Prices Are What They Are: Understanding NRE Fees

Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) Fees are crucial in understanding our pricing. These are one-time costs incurred by our contract manufacturer during the initial phase of production. They cover expenses like tool design, cad->cam conversion, tooling, and testing. These fees are significant when spread across a small production run, and insignificant in a large production run.

Let's use the example of "why can't we afford custom-molded parts for 100 units?"  Injection molding requires special equipment and molds. Creating a custom mold for a part might cost $100,000 (ours would be less, but this number makes the math easier.) This cost is divided across the total number of units produced. So, if we produce 100 units, the NRE costs per unit is high at $1000 per unit! But as we increase production – say to 1,000 or 10,000 units – this cost per unit decreases dramatically, making each item more affordable.  Still, even if we sold 1,000 units, the cost per unit would be $100 -- just for the mold that makes one part of one case!  There's no way we can make that happen.  So we're 3D printing cases.

Our initial target of 100 units means we're facing higher per-unit costs. However, as we scale up production, we anticipate significant cost reductions, which we aim to pass on to our customers

How You Can Help Lower the Cost

You have the power to make the Boondock Echo more affordable. Spread the word, increase sales, and watch the prices fall. We're committed to passing savings back to you!

Server Costs and Scaling Up: Growing Together

Server costs are part of our journey. As our user base expands, these costs will be distributed across a lot more users making the Boondock Echo more sustainable for everyone.